Almost 100 miles north of Anchorage in the mid-60’s, Wallace Bays a teacher and principal at a small Christian boarding school called Victory High School taught Bible classes and singing.

He and the staff at the school encouraged students to share their Christian testimonies and their native lore in a program they began called "The Native Musicale." Each year during Anchorage's Annual Fur Rondevous time, they would bus down to the city and stand before an Anchorage audience to perform what they had practiced for weeks.

The responsibility for the Anchorage Native Musicale passed to the Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship in 1974, it then became one of ANNLF's main outreach efforts.

Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship continues to present Natives and other Christian's from around the State the opportunity to come together during the annual Fur Rondevous in Anchorage and play their guitars, sing, and share music and testimonies.
The dates for the 2012 Native New Life Musicale are Tuesday February 28th - Saturday March 3rd. Start planning now to attend all five nights!

The 2012 Musicale will be held at the
Changepoint Auditorium in Anchorage. The Parka Parade begins at 7pm each night and the Musicale begins at 7:30pm.

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